Care planning in Diabetic care

Care planning in Diabetic care at West Meads surgery

Supported by the National Year of Care training team.

Year of Care aims to provide personalized care planning for people with long term conditions by working in partnership with patients and health care professionals.

West Meads practice team has received training in using a new approach to delivering your diabetic care at your yearly review. This uses a ‘care planning ‘approach.

This approach recognizes the importance of identifying the patient’s ‘story’ as well as the professional ‘story’ before information can be shared.

The diagram shows how this is carried out in practice using a two ‘contact’ Year of Care approach

care planning

The West Meads Diabetic care team will be starting to use this approach to your yearly Diabetic checks this year.

You will be asked to first see the Health Care assistant (Information Gathering ) . Blood and Urine tests will be completed and you will be weighed and measured and have a blood pressure check and a foot check.

You will be sent a sheet with all your test results and some information about what they mean.

You will then be invited to book your appointment with nurse /doctor to discuss your care and goals you would like to set . The Nurse/doctor will help you with this but you will no doubt have your own ideas of how you can meet your goals in managing your Diabetes.

You will arrange a follow up appointment to monitor your goals .

If you have any questions or comment please talk to one of your practice Diabetic Care team at West Meads

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