Book an Appointment

You can book an appointment in person, by phone (01243 837980) during opening hours or 24/7 through our online service.

The surgery is open between 8.30 and 6.00 each weekday.

For those patients who are unable to attend during normal working hours, we do offer early morning appointments from 7.00 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These appointments must be booked in advance.

Our doctors’ appointments are usually 10 minutes long and typically can deal with one problem/condition. If you have more problems you wish to discuss – or think that the problem will take longer than 10 minutes, please book a longer appointment. This way you won’t feel rushed and we will be able to keep our clinics running on time for everyone else.

If you are booking on-line and want an appointment of more than 10 minutes, book two adjacent slots with the same doctor. Please remember that medicals take longer and you will need to book three appointments.

Routine appointments are usually available for all doctors, but if you wish to see a specific doctor you may have a slightly longer wait. We suggest you try and stay with one doctor for the management of a particular problem.

A triage nurse is available daily to see patients whose problems may be resolved without needing to see a doctor (e.g. simple infections, minor injuries, medication problems, rashes etc.). We have a phlebotomist to take blood every lunchtime.


If you need to cancel an appointment – please do it as soon as possible so we can offer it to someone else. Either phone us or do it on-line. We would much prefer to cancel an appointment (so someone else can use it) than waste it, so please let us know! Sadly each week about 60 appointments are wasted in this way.

Urgent Problems

We offer urgent same-day appointments for urgent problems that cannot wait. You will see either a doctor or nurse and our reception staff may need to ask more questions than usual so that the appointment slots are used efficiently and appropriately.

We reserve some appointments with each doctor for use on the same day for urgent problems. These slots will only become visible through the on-line system once we have opened for business that day. If you need a same day appointment because your problem is urgent and no slots are visible either try again after 08:30 that day or telephone us.


If you would like a visit from a doctor (e.g. if you are immobile and cannot get to the surgery) then telephone the reception. Please try and make requests for visits before 10.30am. Visits are made at the discretion of the doctor and do take up a lot of time. The doctor may decide your problem is best managed in the surgery (where full examination equipment is available) and ask you to be seen there. We cannot guarantee which doctor will see you or at what time. If you need to book a district nurse visit telephone 01243 824156 or contact reception.

Contact Details

Tel: 01243 837980
Fax: 01243 837982