I’m Unwell…

There are lots of options if you are unwell. Depending on what the problem is you might find the following can help:

NHS Direct

Searchable encyclopaedia of healthcare information. Look up problems, find information sheets, locate support groups etc. Reliable, carefully edited for accuracy and consistency. You could also try our Health Information Page which offers lots of advice and information sheets (the same as we use in the surgery).

NHS Direct

Tel: 0845 46 47
Speak to a trained nurse to give advice about specific problems or general information.

Your local pharmacist

Can advise on common illnesses such as coughs, colds, rashes, fevers, indigestion etc. They can often recommend an appropriate medicine or advise you see a GP. They are easy to access with no waiting time/ appointments and often open later hours. Find your local pharmacist by visiting our Local Services page.

Your local dentist

Our GPs are clever but they aren’t trained in dentistry! If you have a dental problem including abscesses, pain on biting, gum infections etc. then you will need to see your dentist. NHS dentists can be hard to located through NHS Choices www.nhs.uk or NHS Direct (0845 4647). You have the right to advice from a dentist on the NHS within 8 hours and if the dentist thinks you need it, treatment within 24 hours.

West Meads Surgery

During working hours (08:00-18:30) we provide an emergency service and can arrange to see you immediately or visit if necessary.

If the problem is urgent we will make an appointment for you to be seen the same day – either by a specialist nurse or by one of the doctors. We can usually make routine appointments within a day or two. It may be longer to see a particular doctor. You can book your own routine appointments on-line!


If you have an emergency or urgent problem that cannot wait until the next working day then you can contact our Out-of-Hours doctors. The phone number is carried on the surgery answer phone (01243 837980). Please try to avoid calling them for things that could wait (e.g. repeat prescriptions).

Accident and Emergency

Bognor War Memorial Hospital: http://www.nhs.uk/ServiceDirectories/Pages/Hospital.aspx?id=RPR40 operates a service for minor injuries between 0900 and 1700 Mon-Fri. St Richards Hospital, Chichester:

http://www.rwst.nhs.uk/ provides a 24hour emergency department. Please try to avoid attending for things that could be dealt with by your GP.

Contact Details

Tel: 01243 837980
Fax: 01243 837982