airAlert: the FREE air pollution alert service for Sussex

Air pollution is a serious public health issue. The Department of Health’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP) have estimated that the population burden of individuals whose poor health is exacerbated by air pollution to be equivalent to nearly 23,500 deaths in the UK per year (Defra AQ guidance for DPH – March 2017).

 At Sussex-air we understand that poor air quality is an issue for many people with a health conditions and that GP surgeries are under increasing pressure, with higher patient numbers and fewer resources.  airAlert is a free service for people with respiratory conditions, such as asthma and COPD, and heart conditions.  Alerts are issued prior to a predicted episode of poor air quality, enabling individuals take preventative measures to manage their health condition(s), thereby reducing GP visits and hospital admissions.

 The airAlert service is provided by Sussex-air, a partnership of Sussex District and Borough councils and East and West County Councils. We aim to keep the service relevant by tailoring it to service users’ needs.  Anyone can register for the service and can receive airAlerts by text, email or voicemail (to a landline).  Alternatively by downloading the free airAlert app alerts can be sent via

notifications through the app. In addition to respiratory patients, we recommend that health visitors, carers, parents and frontline staff register to receive airAlerts.

 What’s new?
airAlert has recently launched an app for use on mobile devices, enabling those with smartphones or tablets to keep up to date with air pollution in their area. You can subscribe to receive airAlerts at several different locations and can include home, work or other locations within Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.  To download the free airAlert app visit the App store or Google Play.

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